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Your Trusted Partner for Commercial and Industrial Drayage Deliveries

A large crane is lifting a container.

Trustworthy Nationwide Freight Services

Based in Fontana, CA, East Coast Transport, Inc. is your premier choice for seamless container transportation and freight deliveries. Our commitment to reliability, dependability, and trustworthiness sets us apart. Whether you require local drayage deliveries or need containers transported across state lines, count on us to deliver excellence anywhere in the USA.

Innovative Dispatch Operations

At East Coast Transport, Inc., our dispatch operation is powered by cutting-edge technology. With real-time signature capture, ongoing shipment status updates, and customer online visibility, we ensure transparency and efficiency throughout the transportation process. If you need login access to our system, contact us for seamless assistance.

A truck is parked in front of a large ship.
A large dock with many cargo containers and cranes.

Container Storage Solutions

Our Wilmington location, conveniently situated just a mile from the Long Beach / Los Angeles Ports, offers secure container storage services. With 24/7 on-site security, our facility can accommodate over 100 containers, providing a safe and reliable storage solution for your goods.

New Announcements

We're currently seeking drivers with a TWIC card and a minimum of two years' experience with a CDL. If you meet these qualifications or know someone who does, please contact us for more information about joining our team. If you are interested in partnering with East Coast Transport, Inc., contact us without hesitation. We're here to assist you and facilitate a seamless experience.

A truck driving down the road near some cargo containers.